Pastry has been a passion of mine since culinary school.  My first few kitchen jobs were not in the “professional sector” of kitchens and so I didnt’ see real talent until after training.  After college I pursued my culinary degree from Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale Arizona where I learned French cuisine across all areas of the kitchen including Baking, Knife Skills, Saucier, Garde Manger, Meat Fabrication, Wine & Spirits, Restaurant Management, and finally Advanced Pastry.  In my pastry class Guanthier Schillailes was my instructor.  He was a strong German that taught me the ropes.  It was not until after graduation that I decided to pursue this area of expertise. 

I started at T. Cooks at the Royal Palms resort under the direction of Pierino “Perry” Jermonti.  My intimidation started in the interview and dissipated after getting to know him better.  He taught me how to bring architecture and delicacy to a fine art that a true Pastry chef can offer.  There are a lot of “bakers” out there but they don’t have the experience with as many cooking mediums as in a professional kitchen. 

After working my way up from the dessert line for T. Cooks I managed to move into production and oversaw the entire department.  We ran the desserts for T. Cooks daily restaurant as well as all desserts, pastries, wedding cakes, special party cakes, and off-site pastry functions for the entire resort.  This was sometimes a daunting task as we only had about 9 people to do all this at our maximum capacity. Oh yeah, and we worked all of this out of a kitchen that was about 15′ by 15′.  Our walk in fridge was about 8′ by 8′ and our freezer was about 6′ by 6′.  Now let’s see a home “baker” do that when they complain that their brand new Sub-zero fridge and custom kitchen isn’t big enough..back to that later.

I left T. Cooks to pursue my own kitchen.  I was the Pastry Chef of Desert Highlands Country Club and came into a kitchen that previously shipped in desserts and the only production was to make bread.  Well as you can imagine, I couldn’t comprehend this type of “culinary” experience.  Everything off the hot line was fresh so why weren’t the desserts? and why did they pay someone to just order pre-made things?  not much of a Pastry Chef if you ask me.  Well they enabled me to be creative so I started cleaning out their walk ins.  Now to give you a visual, this kitchen was about 25′ by 25′ and the walk ins were both about 10′ by 4′.  Needless to say this was HUGE and a bit lonely since it was just me (and one person at night for my assistant).  Unfortunately the palettes that we were serving weren’t sure of new things and new flavors so they wanted me to keep a lot of things simple.  This became fairly easy so I tried experimenting with flavors and ideas.  After a while I couldn’t see a long term career at this location so I looked around…not only other places, but other industries.

I will come back to the next part later, but I took a break from the kitchen and went in a different direction.  I am now in financial services in Scottsdale Arizona helping high income individuals and business owners to reduce their tax liability and increase net worth while still protecting them with risk management vehicles.  This has allowed me to fund my passion in the kitchen.

Coming full circle I was missing my pastry background and needed to start doing some more on the side.  People would ask me for cakes and desserts so I decided to have a go at it.

Now Dessert’s on Me is my avenue to do so.

A few of the areas that I have found my skills useful are with Cake Pops, small Desserts, and Cakes.  I will continue to update our website with pictures, prices, and flavors, but for now you can take a look at what is already in our gallery.  Bon Appetit!