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Mini Caramel Chessecakes with Strawberry Glaze


Mint Truffles




And the famous Cake Pops-  These ones had a Chambord Raspberry filling (ganache)


This is a Chocolate Sponge with Buttercream and raspberry filling with a vanilla fondant outside. 


Chocolate Cake with a Strawberry Chocolate Mousse filling and Chocolate Ganache covering the Italian Buttercream!

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These are just a few cakes that I have done for birthdays and baby showers.  nothing fancy, just simple and delicious

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It’s official!! We are online!  Stay tuned for more from us shortly.  After discussing the concepts and ideas on September 29th, this is the first entry to my first blog. is now officially mine.  The website will be up soon but this is a start.  Ok back to work but wanted to have an official entry!

Chef Joe